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What You Need to Know About Brick & Stone Colors

In the last blog post, we explored how to create effective color palettes with unusual roof choices. Now, we’ll turn our attention to brick and stone colors. If you decide to include brick or stone on the exterior of your home, you need to be sure that you consider the colors inherent in the material you are choosing. The stone or brick colors are an important part of the overall color scheme, but many people fail to consider this when choosing trim or roofing material.


Brick colors are typically red, orange, yellow, or tan-brown. If your house is brick, it is likely that a white or off-white trim isn’t the ideal choice for your exterior. That’s because white trim looks too stark against the warm brick colors and its grout. Try creamier tans and beiges with a yellow or green undertone for trim color.


Brick exteriors can work with many roof colors – brown, gray, black, or even green looks appropriate with most brick colors. However, tan brown brick needs to be paired with a dark brown or possibly a black roof, rather than a gray roof.


Stone colors can be either warm or cool, and you need to determine which one when choosing other exterior colors. What colors do you see in your stone?


If you see orange, yellow, tan, brown, or cream, consider it a warm stone hue and pair it with either beige or dark brown trim and a brown roof.  If instead you see grays, blues, purples, consider it a cool stone hue and pair it with off-white or gray trim and a gray or black roof.   


Smart Colors for LP SmartSide

Combining brick and stone on an exterior should be undertaken carefully. There should be a color relationship between the two, or else the result can be overly busy and discordant. The most harmonious pairings of brick and stone occur when using fairly neutral, brown brick and brown stone together. Never pair brown brick and gray stone together – you simply have to pick a lane! Go gray or go brown – mixing both on the same exterior simply won’t work aesthetically.


Note: All photos are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer regularly to for correct and up-to-date product installation instructions.  

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