LP Solidstart Rim Board

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Product Benefits


High lateral load capacity for seismic and high wind applications. High vertical load capacity and low shrinkage for mid-rise construction.


Precision-cut to match depths of LP SolidStart I-Joists, eliminates need for field ripping, and creates flat surfaces for easy installation of siding.

Peace of Mind

Approved for one-hour and two-hour fire-rated rim board assemblies for party and exterior walls.


Wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.


High strength and low shrinkage.

Product Specifications

Available options include rim board manufactured from OSB, LVL or LSL

Available thicknesses: 1˝ (OSB), 1-1/8˝ (OSB), 1-1/4˝ (LVL & LSL), 1-1/2˝ (LVL)

Available depths: 9-1/2˝, 11-7/8˝, 14˝, 16˝, 18˝, 20˝, 22˝, 24˝

Available standard lengths: 12´, 16´


rim board

How It's Made

LP® SolidStart® Rim Board is made from three substrates to meet a variety of building needs: OSB, LVL or LSL.

  • OSB: Thermal-set, waterproof adhesives and wood strands are bonded, cross-directionally layered, and then pressed under extreme heat and pressure.
  • LSL: Mix of aspen and maple hardwoods are bonded together with a waterproof adhesive in a steam injection press.
  • LVL: LP’s cross-ply LVL rim board is different from other LVL in that two veneers are cross-oriented to increase vertical load capacity.
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